Annual health checks

These have been devised to give preventative health care to your horse and in so doing help to spot problems before they become an issue. It will be a good opportunity to discuss your horse’s health worries with one of the vets at Spring Paddocks and by carrying out annual assessments we will be able to monitor your horse’s wellbeing with measurable results and hopefully they will also save you money in the long run.

We aim to spread the cost of these, if desired, over 6 months by paying by standing order which must be set up before the health check is carried out. This scheme offers a significant discount for owners of older horses and ponies to help them improve their quality of life and longevity.  Please call the office on 01926 612937or email

These health checks should be carried out during the winter months November – April and will be tied in with the annual vaccination where possible.

Each health check will include a comprehensive examination of the horse at rest to include eyes, heart, lungs, temperature etc. The horse will be walked and trotted up in hand, followed by discussion on worming routine, foot care and dental care. Any follow up dentistry, foot care or wormers will be charged at a discount rate.

We offer three different plans:

Basic Plan (Bronze)

This will also include a vaccination and blood sample for haematology (lab fees included).

Intermediate Plan (Silver)

In addition to the above this will include a blood sample for the ELISA test for tapeworms, a faecal sample for worm egg count (lab fees included) and the teeth will be checked.

Advanced Plan (Gold)

Perhaps more beneficial to the older horse, in addition to the above this will also include a full profile to measure muscle, liver and kidney enzyme levels and a urine sample (lab fees included).

Each health check, whatever level, will be followed up with a written report.