Breeding advice

Spring Paddocks Equine Clinic is a BEVA accredited artificial insemination (A)I centre, thereby allowing us to provide a comprehensive horse breeding reproductive service including AI using fresh, chilled and frozen semen both at your yard and at Spring Paddocks Equine Clinic.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of breeding, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01926 612937where advice will be readily available.

Veterinary packages for insemination

For work carried out at Spring Paddocks Clinic:

  • Pre breeding assessment & PG, relevant swabs and lab fees.

The AI packages (chilled and frozen semen) include:

  • All routine gynecological examinations/scans and drugs to ensure that insemination is performed at the optimal time
  • Insemination
  • Post-ovulation scan/checks and washout
  • Full livery fees (up to 1 week)

We then recommend:

  • Early pregnancy scan (14-18 days)
  • Heartbeat scan (24-26 days)

These packages do not include the following:

  • Any drugs or washout treatment associated with uterine infection and fluid
  • Caslick’s operation
  • Treatment of any disease or illness not associated with this breeding package
  • Any required sedation

Individual studs can arrange their own stud packages to suit their requirements and we are happy to discuss these and quote.

Breeding horses in the UK

The Sports Horse in particular must be bred for performance and when first embarking upon horse breeding we would strongly recommend that the first decision to be made is ‘what type of horse do I wish to breed?’

From there on:

  1. select a good quality mare in terms of age, temperament, performance and conformation,
  2. consider the facilities that you have available for breeding, producing and looking after the developing youngster and
  3. choose a stallion.

Artificial insemination or natural stallion service

Artificial insemination is a very popular method for breeding horses on the Continent and in America, as an alternative to natural stallion service. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to both methods and these should be considered and discussed in detail with us before embarking on a breeding scheme.

For example with artificial insemination there is a choice of 3 different types of semen: fresh semen, chilled semen or frozen semen. Frozen semen may be kept indefinitely but chilled semen will only last for 36 hours.

Spring Paddocks Equine Clinic has the facilities to store frozen semen in liquid nitrogen and the techniques and knowledge to advise you as to the best breeding method to suit your particular circumstances.