Insurance advice

Third party liability insurance

Third party liability insurance is absolutely essential, but check your household insurance policy as it may already be included.

Mortality only insurance

For a horse to be insured against mortality, most insurance companies will require a 2-stage veterinary examination certificate.

A condition must meet the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) guidelines to satisfy a claim under a mortality only insurance policy which are as follows:

“The insured horse must sustain an injury or manifest an illness or disease that is so severe as to warrant immediate destruction to relieve incurable and excessive pain and that no other options of treatment are available to the horse at that time”.

If immediate destruction cannot be justified, then the attending veterinary surgeon should provide effective first-aid treatment before requesting that the insurance company be contacted or, failing that arrange a second opinion from another veterinary surgeon.

Veterinary fees insurance

We strongly recommend you insure your horses/ponies for Vet’s fees up to £5000 per incident. We consider the premium for this type of insurance extremely worthwhile to cover unexpected events such as colic surgery, severe wounds and infections.

In general there is an excess or percentage of the bill that you have to pay and a limit to the amount that is covered for any one particular condition. After a condition has been treated it may be excluded from the policy cover in future years especially if it is the type of condition that recurs (e.g. Navicular disease, Tendon Strains, Coughs etc).

Loss of use

This can be very expensive so needs to be thought through carefully and discussed with your chosen insurance company and the veterinary surgeon – contact the clinic.

Insurance companies

There are a number of Insurance Companies offering comprehensive cover for horses – for further information, please contact the clinic.